Official Charity 2016 SUNDAY 10TH JULY 2016
PRE-REG 2017

Race Information

Runner Information

Race Start: 09.35 from Piccadilly, close to the Calvary & Guards Club.

Race Number: Your race number is individual to you, and cannot be resold or transferred. Please fill in the emergency details on the reverse of your number. You’ll find safety pins in your race pack ready to secure your number to your t-shirt / vest before you leave home.  

Timing Chip: Attached to the back of your race number is the chip that accurately measures your time. Please do not bend, fold or cover the chip, as without this we will be unable to track your time.

Race Results: Results will be posted on the Vitality British 10k website straight after the race. If you entered a mobile number when you registered, you will also receive a text with your official race time when you finish.

Baggage Drop: There are two bag drop areas; one for blue numbers, one for red numbers. It is very important that you go to the correct one. At the bottom of your race number is your detachable baggage label; please make sure it’s attached to your bag before dropping it off. Each bag drop area is split into a number of bays, sorted by race number. Please make sure you drop your bag in the correct bay.

Changing Facilities: A limited amount of space will be provided for both male and female changing at each of the two baggage areas. 

Timing Pens: Your race number shows the colour and letter of timing pen that you have been allocated, based on your predicted finish time. Please follow the signs to your relevant pen and ensure you join the correct one. Please note that for some of the largest timing groups, there are multiple entrances for that letter – these will all have signs with the same letter and you are able to join any of them. Each timing pen entrance will have a ‘Start Marshal’ to assist with any questions. 

Pacers: Pacers will be running with each section to help runners hit their target times: 0:40, 0:50, 1:00, 1:10, 1:20. They will be wearing pacer vests and bright pacer flags and will be waiting for you in the allocated timing pens.

Race Information: We have roaming ‘Information Marshals’ helping around both recommended underground stations and both red and blue baggage areas. Look out for them wearing bright green t-shirts. They will be able to help you with any questions and provide directions and assistance.

Meeting Points: Please arrange to meet your friends and family post-race at one of our suggested meeting points away from the finish line and baggage area – click here to view the venue map.  

Headphones: Whilst we understand that a lot of runners prefer to train with headphones, we encourage you not to use them on the day to ensure any medical alerts or marshals’ instructions can easily be heard.  

Race Day Entertainment: We are joined on race day by some fantastic local talent to energise runners and keep spirits high for all.

Kilometre Markers: Each kilometre will be clearly marked on the route.

Water Stations: There will be three water stations on course, at approximately 3.25km, 5.25km and 8km. Water will be provided in 250ml sport cap bottles. Please only take one bottle at a time and be mindful of other runners when disposing of your bottle (see below). If you are not planning to take water, then please try to keep to the opposite side of the road to allow other runners through.

Water Bottle Disposal: Please dispose of your plastic bottles in the dedicated bins located after each drinks station. This will prevent people tripping over discarded bottles on the course.

Toilets: There will be toilet facilities positioned close to each of the two baggage areas; please use these facilities before starting your walk to the start line. There will also be toilets positioned at each water station around the race route. 

Photography: Our friends at Marathon Photos will be positioned along the route and at the finish line to catch your moment of glory! Be sure to give them a wave or a thumbs up! We will send you an email with a link to your photos and a site to purchase them from in the days after the race.

Course Marshals: Course Marshals, wearing bright green t-shirts, will be positioned at regular intervals along the route and at key junctions and turning points. The marshals will be on radios and able to call for support for runners.

First Aid: The medical centre is located shortly after the finish line. Professional medical staff will be available here, as well as on the course and at baggage areas. Medical staff will also be located at each of the drinks stations, should a runner face difficulty. In the event of an emergency, runners will be asked to move to the side of the road to allow access for an emergency vehicle. Please follow any instructions given by the Course Marshals, at all times.  

Race Cut Off: The Vitality British 10k has priority over the roads for 1¾ hours. Runners running at a pace that is predicted to finish after this time, will be asked to move onto the pavement if they wish to continue.

Sports Massage: A free treatment service provided by YourPhysioPlan will be available at the red baggage area in Waterloo Place, for post-race massages. The team will be on hand to offer a variety of advice and treatments to help relieve tired and aching muscles. This is available on a first come, first served basis.

Measured Course: The course is measured and certified as accurate to 10km.

We advise that you do not run if you are unwell, have an injury or are not comfortable running at least 6 kilometres.

Prizes: We’ll be awarding prizes* to the top 3 male and top 3 female finishers, as well as a prize for the winning Corporate Challenge team.

*Prizes may be in the form of vouchers. The organisers reserve the right to change the amounts and structures.