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Introducing Maxine Ali (@maxineali_)


Introducing Maxine Ali (@maxineali_)

Maxine is London-based writer with a huge appetite for all things health, fitness and food. Maxine started her blog whilst studying at university and in 2 years has since grown to become a a very succesful (and insightful) resource for ideas and health inspiration if and when ever you need it! 

Maxine will be running her first 10k run with us at The Vitality British 10k London Run on 10th July - keep up with her 10k journey on Snapchat as she takes over to share her experience of race day. Follow us on Snapchat - TheBritish10k

First off, how did you first get into food and fitness?
I definitely wasn’t into my food or fitness growing up but as a teenager I struggled quite a bit with general health. Just before I moved to London for university, I started experimenting with nutrition and exercise in a bid to improve how I felt. After gradually transforming my diet and becoming more physically active, I experienced major improvements in my health and in turn fell totally in love with this lifestyle. I haven’t looked back since.
What made you start your blog?
I’d been into health and fitness for over a year at the time but I found that I wasn’t being hugely creative about my meals or workouts. I was eating and doing the same things day in day out so I created my blog as a challenge to inject a bit more excitement into my lifestyle. I started out documenting the various healthy recipes I was coming up with and it just grew from there.
Will this be your first 10k race? What other races have you taken part in, if any?
This will be my first ever race. Running has never been something I’m drawn to and I never thought I would complete a race, but training for this 10k has been such a blast and I’m already considering signing up to run even farther distances in the future.
Why did you choose The Vitality British 10k?
London is my absolute favourite place in the world but, although I live here, I sometimes feel I don’t get much of a chance to explore and appreciate all its beautiful landmarks. When I heard that the Vitality British 10k would take runners around some of the city’s best sights, I couldn’t miss out on a chance to run such an amazing route!
Will you be running for charity?
Not this time as it’s my first race and admittedly I was a little afraid to risk letting anyone down if things don’t go quite to plan on the day. But I’ve loved training and so hopefully I’ll be back next time for a cause that’s important to me!
Have you been following a training plan in preparation for the Vitality British 10k? How’s it going?
I’ve used elements from a few different plans which I’ve tried to fit around my usual training. It’s going really well! Despite the fact that I’ve been a gym bunny for years, running is quite new to me and has been such a great way to challenge myself physically.
Are you using any sports gear to aid your training?
I’ve been using the Tom-Tom GPS running watch to keep track of my progress and ensure that week on week I’m making improvements in my speed and distance.
How will you be eating in the days leading up to 10th July?
I’ll be focusing on eating lots of easily digestible whole foods so that my body has plenty of energy for race day. I’ve talked a bit more about my pre-race nutrition on my website.
What meal will you be treating yourself with after you cross the finish line?
I have a feeling blueberry pancakes and an iced coffee will definitely be on the menu!
What are you most looking forward to on race day?
The atmosphere. I’ve always heard that it’s the energy and buzz of the crowd which gives runners such a high at races so I can’t wait to experience that for myself! 

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