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Introducing Elle Linton (@X_eLle_S)


Introducing Elle Linton (@X_eLle_S)

Elle Linton is a 31 year old Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer based in London. Elle started her blog keepitsimpElle in 2012 and since then, has evolved into a resource to inspire, motivate and empower though workouts, experiences and food for those who are looking to take action to live a life they love!

Elle will be running the Vitality British 10k London Run on 10th July - keep up with her 10k journey on Snapchat as she takesover to share her experience of race day! Follow us on Snapchat - TheBritish10k


First off, how did you first get into fitness?

I always had a love for science in school along with an aptitude for sport. However, growing up meant that I soon lost interest. When it came to choosing my A levels, I picked Physical Education as it combined both science and sport allowing me to stick with both subjects! I really enjoyed the theory behind sport and exercise so went on to study Exercise Science at University even thought I must admit, I enjoyed the books more than the actuality of being active! Whilst at University though, i realised that being active really helped me manage my health and that was as good a reason as I need to stick with it! After University, I was inspired by colleagues to get involved in the fitness offering at our workplace and encourage to teach… the rest is history…

What made you start your blog?

I wanted a place where I could share all my fitness endeavours, adventures and knowledge. When I stared my blog 4 years ago, I barely knew what a blog was so I had to learn “on the job”, quickly. I enjoy writing so it’s the perfect creative outlet to share my passion and connect with others who do too!

Have you taken part in any other Vitality Run Series races?

Yes! Quite a few!! I’ve done Vitality Run Hackney every year since it began (3 years in total) as well as Vitality North London Half. My PB course is Vitality Brighton Half Marathon from 2015! Also, The Vitality British 10km was my first 10km race I ever ran!

Why did you choose The Vitality British 10k?

It’s been a few years since I’ve run the course and after concentrating on the half marathon distance in that time I’m ready to shorten my distances and work on my speed a little! Especially over the summer; shorter distances mean more time for socialising and enjoying the weather (when it sorts itself out!)

Have you been following a training plan in preparation for the Vitality British 10k? How’s it going?

I created a plan for myself (and other slack/busy runners!) where I run just twice per week. I figured I should be able to commit to that along with other training / classes that I enjoy doing each week! My plan focuses on one “long” run (relative to the 10km distance) and one interval session to work on my speed.

Are you using any sports gear to aid your training?

I have the TomTom Runner 2 which has been amazing for my training sessions as well as tracking my day to day activity. One of my favourite functions of the watch is that I can set my intervals into a session and then the watch alerts me when my work or rest periods begin and end! It also stores music which can be played via bluetooth headphones but I think I’ll be too busy soaking up the atmosphere on race day to need music!

Will you be running for charity?

Not this time. I try to donate to charities in other ways - when you’re a very active person, surrounded by very active people it can sometimes feel like everyone is always raising money for their nearest and dearest charities, so I made the choice years ago to just donate as and when I can.

How was meeting Perri Shakes-Drayton?

AH! She was awesome; very friendly and down to earth! Lucky for us, it was her rest day; I think she slowed down on our run though so we didn’t feel too bad! Someone asked me on twitter why I was running with her if I like to “keep things simple” - well, Perri ran slow for us (my usual plod) and we ran far for her (just under 4km) so I think there was a fair compromise, and I kept it simpElle - true to my style!

Do you have any advice for first time 10k runners?

Go out there and enjoy the day! It’s the only time you will be able to run the distance without comparing to previous times! If you’ve put in the training, you will feel it! But at the same time, we never know how we are gonna feel (or perform) on race day so don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

What are you most looking forward to on race day?

Taking in the sights and seeing how the course has changed since I first ran it! It’s also such a great opportunity to be able to run the streets of London, on the roads, without cars! One of the few times we, as runners, can claim the streets as ours!

So you are an ambassador for Brooks Running.  Tell us a bit about that, what is your favourite piece of kit?

Right now, I’m loving the Glycerin 14’s. I love a neutral shoe for the 10km distance and this one offers optimal cushioning for me but still with the necessary arch support my feet require! They don’t look half bad either! Their LSD running jacket is also a favourite of mine as it rolls up into its own pocket meaning you can wear it on your arm if you don’t need it! Because you just never know when it is gonna rain in London.

To read more about Elle visit her blog

Or see what she's up to next on social media.


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